Friday, February 19, 2016

This Lil' Bunsen Burner o' Mine...

Shadows. Light. Dark energy. Light energy. Duality. This seems to be a theme lately...  especially in this transition from winter to spring. Feeling both darkness and light (sometimes in extremes) and living in the duality of both of these energies. Because they both exist... always. Yep... there are days I just let myself be in a funk, allowing the darkness to keep me in bed a little longer or mutter expletives under my breath a little more... lol... and that's OK, as long as I see it for what it is and don't stay "there" too long. Mostly, I see this time as an opportunity to practice remembering. Remembering the light that is always there. Acknowledging the darkness, but coming home to the light... over and over again. It's a practice... definitely.

A few years ago, I remember a dear friend and co-worker of mine noticing a change in me. I had been taking classes and just really immersing myself in spiritual practice and spiritual community. She said, "it's like you have this little Bunsen Burner inside you... this little flame right in your center". Wow. How cool that she observed it this way (and without me even saying much about what was going on with me). Yes! I was learning how to get in touch with that "love energy buzz" (as it feels to me) within. And it was showing! I was becoming aware of that unchanging and consistent light within. Call it God... call it higher power... call it truth... call it essence... call it the "one heart". Whatever the name, it's unconditional. It is always there. Eternally present. It's just that we sometimes forget. We get distracted by the drama in the world. "Bad" things happen. Yes, darkness is always there, too... along with the light... and we can either dwell in that darkness... feed it and let it expand... or. OR.

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