Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Love. At Last. Unconditionally.

This week I was asked to sing the Katy Perry song "Unconditionally" for an upcoming inspirational service. It got me thinking about the first time I was asked to sing it... two years ago in honor of Valentine's Day. I had never heard the song before, and I remember thinking, "Me? Sing a Katy Perry song?" But as soon as I listened to it, I knew it was mine to sing. Thank you, Universe.

You see, I was single at the time... unattached... un-partnered... whatever you want to call it. ;-) Being on my own a good number of my adult years, I had gotten pretty good at the independent life. I figured  since I couldn't seem to find anyone I truly clicked with, I would make the very most of my life as a happily single person.  Just as I was starting to "resign" myself and accept what I thought was my destiny, I was asked to sing this song about intimate, unconditional love between two people. BAM. That's when it hit me...  read more

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