Tuesday, June 6, 2017

"It just amazes me that I can be part of the energy it takes to serve each other..."

... that's a line from Carole King's (rather obscure) song, "One". It was written in the 70's and to this day can only be found on vinyl. It's a glorious piece that I had the honor of singing with the NTCSL choir last year. So... in planning my new CD (which hasn't really been "planning", the way it has all evolved so organically), I kind of forgot we had access to the multi-tracks for the performance of that song! Listened last night and just got chills. So powerful. Eric said, "OK, so we HAVE to put this on the CD". So, voila... the 5-song collection has now become 6. :-) It fits in so perfectly with the others. And thinking about this further (I just made this connection last night), it's pretty cool that the two cover songs on the CD are from two amazing, piano-playing female artists from different generations... but with a strong connection to each other.  Sara Bareilles has sometimes been referred to as the "Carole King of her times".  My soul resonates with these women... these artists... and what an honor it is to sing their songs... READ MORE

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